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I need USA Textbooks

  1. Jul 6, 2014 #1
    I am looking for USA textbooks regarding to math, biology, physics, chem for 9-12 class.
    please help me?
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    Is that age, or year in school? What is in use where you live?
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    Dear my friend,
    I am living in Viet Nam. I will attend Uniersity of north texas in this August, study 1 year for Enlish first. I graduated University of Ecomomic Hochiminh city. But now I would like to continue learning Biomedical engineering. I am starting from the crash, reviewing Sience, math, biology, physics, chemistry so I had been looking for these Textbooks From 9 -12 grade. But I cant afford to buy these books, and actually I dont know what kind of books I should study. The US students dont use a same textbook, they dont have a general textbook.
    Beside that, i didnt study sience alot, didnt have much chance to experiment in the Lab.
    So i really need these textbooks.
    Please help me
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