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I passed my math class :d

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    Thanks to the help I partially got here I have finally passed a college level math class. It feels rather good to know it can be done. Thanks to the people who were patient with my questions.
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    Very nicely done! Which class was it?
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    Algebra 101, I got a 90 in it. I'd tried years before and not passed.
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    Then I welcome you to the elite group of people who know College Algebra!!
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    Congratulations! Well done!
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    Congrats, Tyrion. I'm sure you'll do good in your future math classes now that your wheel is rolling. :wink:
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    Excellent news! Well done, great effort!! :-)
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    Thank you to a,l the kind replies, and for your patience :) there might be a higher edit to my grade later, as I think the rule is they can replace the final with a higher unit test if that represents the learning better. So I'll keep you all posted, I'm looking forward to 102 next :)
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