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I think my car was towed

  1. Feb 23, 2006 #1
    I've been working my butt off all week and weekend, i have an exam tomorrow and had a 20 page lab i just turned in. its been the week from hell, and it doesn't look much better next week, and now, my car is missing. i was parked in the wrong parking lot, but i only thought i'd get a ticket. i dunno, it was stolen or towed and its gonna cost me 120 dollars, and i can't even afford books. i have to get home tomorrow, i have no money, i'm about to cry. i have an exam tomorrow i desperately need to study for, but i have to figure out how to get my car back. guh, i can't stop from crying, this just sucks.
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    First thing is make sure if it was towed or stolen. Must be campus security you can call to find out.
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    it was towed, 110 to get it out. thats all the savings i have left. i'm glad i didn't buy a book now. i'm really gonna fail that exam though heh. i should've studied more and not done so much of that lab i guess.
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    What kind of lab is 20 pages?

    P.S. How did you get Towed? Did you park in a handicap lot, diagonally and partially on the side walk, backwards when it says front end in only and not having a compact?
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    called the parents "take care of it honey."

    heh, that was all my savings. i don't even have a job. how am i gonna move. god i'm an idiot. god this sucks.
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    it was 11 pages of data and 7 pages of text, so it was really only 18. but it was a 6 part lab on radioactivity. my lab partners was even longer.
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    11 pages of data? How long was that lab, three weeks? 7 pages of text? Did you have to rewrite the book in your own words. Thats one damn long ass lab report.
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    You got it back already?

    What is this "move" you're talking about?
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    thanks for the concern about my dreary financial situation...
    it was a 2 week lab. it was 6 parts, so every section of my report was nearly a page long. page long intro, page long procedure, etc. the 11 pages of data we're mostly graphs plots and tables of various sorts. i spent a long time working on that lab. in addition i had a written E&m assignment(4 pages), 3 online e&m assignments (page-2 pages each), a written honors assignment (2 pages), Modern physics assignment (2 pages) read 2 chapters for my cmpsci class, and the programming assignment, plus i have a big exam tomorrow. i'm very high strung right now, and now i'm facing the possibility of completely changing my plans for the future due to lack of funding. heh. why the hell does it cost so much anyway? i KNOW its not THAT hard to tow a car, the place is only even a mile away.
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    no, my friend is taking me to get in a little bit though. i can't afford to leave it there cause its 20 a day. and i only have 118 dollars total in ALL my savings. its 110 as is. i'm moving to arizona in May.
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    Are you switching schools?
  13. Feb 23, 2006 #12
    that was the plan. its kinda hard to continue attending school in mass if i'm living across the country. i may not be able to afford it though.
  14. Feb 23, 2006 #13
    Just be careful. If you have less than 60 credits to finish your degree, you might have to take extra classes so that you finish at least 60 credits in AZ, taking longer and costing more money.
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    Take deep, slow breaths and relax. Get your car back to avoid chalking up any more fines. Study for your exam tomorrow and put the worry about the future off till after you get that exam behind you.
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    Car towing is a lucrative business. Basically strong-arming students to force them to pay. I know in my town the towing companies will only accept cash (rates roughly around yours at $120), at least for illegal parking anyway. I remember having my car towed when it broke down (was only $40 American) and had it sent to the shop for repairs, but I haven't encountered personally the huge rates that these companies charge for illegal parking.

    Compared to all other cities around, the towing companies have a very good position economically (almost to the point of a stranglehold), they will never have to run out of sources of income, they have allies in city managerial positions who want to increase the towing rates every year automatically. In the past few months the city commission granted an $8 increase in maximum towing rates (to keep up with gas prices), and they have a -very- vicious roam tow policy, such to the extent where I've heard people's cars getting towed at their own apartments while they are at home. Oh, that and they have a $20 storage fee per night if the car is still in their posession.

    I'm not advocating illegal parking, but this has gotten a little extreme.
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    its free to park after 5, they towed me sometime after 3:30, thats really lame. an hour and a half and it was perfectly legal. why did they tow me?? plus they gave me a ticket. tow and a ticket. i of course have no money left to pay for a ticket.
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    'why did they tow me??'

    Because you were parked illegally. Next time you should avoid doing something on purpose that you know will cost you a lot of money.
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    You got at least a couple weeks to figure out how to get that paid off.
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    Sorry to hear that Gale. I guess at least now you know to be more careful where you park, but that sure seems to be an expensive lesson. Is it a really popular lot or something? Most universities I've been at don't bother towing. At one, they would tow from just a few lots that were gated, faculty-only lots, and they did that to ensure the faculty had parking spaces when they got there to teach their classes. But, it was pretty hard to sneak into one of those lots anyway, and everyone knew they were aggressive about towing there, so just knowing that was usually enough of a deterrent. Everywhere else, it's pretty much just been tickets. At one university, I was convinced the majority of their funding came from parking tickets the way the meter maids would sit out just waiting for the instant a parking meter would run out (someone I knew got back to their car just in time to see the meter maid writing a ticket when he still had a few minutes left on the meter!), or the way they seemed to show up out of thin air to give a ticket when you just parked for 5 minutes to run into a building and drop something off or pick someone up. The tickets have always been somewhere in the range of $5-$25. The oddest one was one metered lot at the University of Michigan. It was the only place on the med campus you could park if you didn't have a permit, so those of us who lived close enough to walk most days just used that lot once in a while when we had too much to carry to walk or when we knew we'd be working late so didn't want to walk very late, etc. You could pay for all-day parking on the meter, but the cost of the ticket was actually less than the meter! So, yeah, a lot of people got tickets there. :rofl:

    Anyway, take Zooby's advice. Take a few deep breaths, calm down, get your car, then worry about your exams, and after all that, figure out what you're going to do about finances. It sounds like it's time to pick up some easy part-time job that won't be too much distraction from getting your studies done but will help you save enough to pay your ticket and get moved.
  21. Feb 23, 2006 #20
    i'm not paying off the ticket, and its riddiculous that i'd have to pay 300 dollars for a parking permit. why the hell are school expenses so riddiculous. its actually more than 300 for the year, its like 300 a semester, its absolutely insane. it shouldn't be illegal. its stupid. and frankly if you're gonna be a jerk, don't post here, do it somewhere else, i'm already crying my eyes out, k? i don't feel like getting upset cause you're mean to me.
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