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Homework Help: I think that my integral is wrong

  1. Jul 29, 2007 #1
    Integral of ((Tan x)^6)dx

    i think that the solution is:

    (1/5)(tan x)^5 + (1/3)(tan x)^3 - (2/3)(tan x)^3 + tan x - x + c

    but if i derivate this solution it lead me to that:

    (tan x)^4((tan x)^2 + 2)

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    Yes, your integral is incorrect; however, try expanding the expression and then integrating.
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    I think your integral is correct. It must be the differentiation that is causing the problem. But no one can tell you why until you show your work.
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    It looks correct to me, also (although, why you haven't collected those terms in tan^3x, I don't know!)
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    Gib Z

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    I think he might forgetting to use the Chain Rule.
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    Thanks people; i did a mistake of signs lol.
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