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I Would like to know , it is about solenoid

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    is there any rule that we can use to find the The length of a solenoid in the magnetic field Questions??
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    I know some of these rules , but i am looking for an alone rule that can find the length with it

    i have seen in an arabic physics book that the length of solenoid = 2*T*R*N

    T= 22/7
    R= Radius
    N= number of the loops

    is it right , or there is wrong with this rule???
    if it is , then anyone could help me with another rule??
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    Does this help?


    Start with the the fact the magnetic field B inside an infinitely long solenoid of arbitrary radius is

    B = 4 π x 10-7 nI Tesla

    Where n = turns of wire per meter, and I is the current in amps.

    Bob S
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    I know this rule too

    i have seen a question talks about magnetic field , the question is solenoid inside a circuit inside two wires, it gives amps , turns , all the information that needed , but the length of solenoid is missed and needed to find it , and ifcousre find the Tesla in the center
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