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Homework Help: Ideas for physics experimental investigation

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    My name is Mark, I am currently in grade 12. This term we have been given an open topic experimental investigation as an assignment. I have done some research of my own and found a couple of sites dedicated to giving you ideas for this kind of thing but I just really haven't found something which truly inspires me. We always seem to get advice from our teachers along the lines of "choose something which interests you" and that is all I am trying to do here.

    I am a bit of a military boffin so anything along those lines would interest me, obviously the experiment can't involve anything like shooting a gun, explosions etc. I am in grade 12 so they will be lenient but I can't see them allowing me to actually do an experiment involving any of those things. But I can always test the concept behind the idea, like I was thinking of maybe doing something which investigates the reasons for FMJ (full metal jacket) rounds being more effective than the standard rounds. I was thinking I could just like have a hammer of some sort and just attach different types of materials to the front and see how well they penetrate a sheet of metal upon impact. But then I'm not sure how much physics there is to talk about there? Because obviously I'm aiming for as high a grade as possible so I need to have some relatively complex concepts to be talking about, by grade 12 standards.

    I also liked the idea of like relativity and how things can be perceived differently depending on your reference frame etc. so I was thinking of maybe doing something like that but then I wasn't sure how I would test that? Anything theoretical should be fun although not too complex (the double slit experiment has been done to death).

    Any ideas would be really helpful. Sorry for the really messy sentences it's just my thing.

    Thank you
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