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IE under linux

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    A certain website from work can only be accessed using internet explorer 6.0 or higher. I'm on ubuntu all the time and can't access it using mozzila. I've grown tired switching back to XP just to view the site which is in text only pretty much. So is there a way to trick the website somehow, and get in under mozzila? And how does the web server detect what browsing you are using?
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    The browser sends an identification string called the useragent string.
    In opera you can select what it identifies itself as - often the site will technically work in other browsers but the server just checks for IE and then throws you out.
    There are a bunch of plugins to identify mozilla as different browsers, google for useragent or cloaking plugin.
    It might be the site uses an activeX control that WILL only work in IE but this is unlikely.
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    Might help.

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    It works, that plug in is very nice, you can change it to be seen as any browser.
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