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If you had/have a Lab in your home, what would/does it contain?

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    The title really says it all.
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    You have things that help you investigate what you are interested in!!

    The main 'feature' of mine is a hand-made vacuum chamber connected by a zillion plumbing parts to pumps, gauges, gas feeds and wotnot, and then 4 racks of parts; pipework, engineering materials for construction, basic hand tools, electronics, power supplies and miscellaneous electrical measurement and test gear.

    It'd be different for someone else interested is something else! I'm sure a bench and a few bottles and chemicals would light someone else's interest.
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    too many things to list

    but i'll start off with an oscilloscope
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    If you are going to do any more electronics than wire a plug, I agree. I bought one of those cheap £200 digital 'scopes recently. It has 25MHz sampling with FFT function and peak hold... superb for the money. Recommend to anyone, either beginners in electronics, or old-timers looking for a back-up 'scope.
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    My old lab contained a sink, a counter top jammed with some flat, rectangular pans, a taught wire strung across the room, and this vertical sort of project-like thing with a lens and bellows.

    My new lab is just some software on my computer.

    I'm talking about a photo lab, of course. :)

    I love digital for its results, but I miss tinkering around in a humid darkroom.
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    Think of all the gear that you would need to test, repair, and restore 50's and 60's era tube-driven guitar amps. That's what I've got, plus all kinds of parts - tubes, caps, resistors, diodes, etc. The O-scope isn't getting used any more, so I probably should consider selling it, along with most of the parts.
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    Compact fast reactor, compact thermal reactor, high temperature furnaces (vacuum and gas-filled) of various sizes, an experimental fusion device, mechanical testing machines (including tensile and creep), impact test machines, electron microscopes, atom microprobe, X-ray diffraction device, vacuum chambers of various sizes, plasma thrusters, workstations, multi-kilo core or mega core computational system, synchrotron, . . . .

    And that doesn't include the biology/agriculture lab.
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    Dog chow. A *lot* of dog chow.
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