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I'm back(this is scott1)

  1. Aug 3, 2006 #1
    I lost my password a few weeks ago and I couldn't get the email the password thing to work. I tried sending emails to PF but it didn't work. I think it might of been something wrong with the email service so I just decided to wait until I changed ISP's/ email address.

    BTW Is it allowed that I make a new account since I can't get my old account back?
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    Hey scott1,

    We've had some problems with our email system in the past few days, which (hopefully) have been remedied.

    If you can PM with the password you want on your scott1 account, I can change it for you so you can get back into it.

    - Warren
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    I had that problem when my PF contribution ran out, not sure if it's the same but I had to open a new account under a new name to get back my posting privellages, welcome back anyway.

    I hadn't posted in a few months though so maybe if you aren't active in a while you get purged I have no idea?
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    You were gone? :confused:
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    Ok I'm now back to scott1.
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    was there ever a scott2??
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    Yes there was...But it was the same email server as my original email so I never got the activation address.
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    Welcome back, scott1!:smile:
  10. Aug 6, 2006 #9
    welcome back
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