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I'm guessing Mythbusters, Big Bang Theory, and Numbers are popular show around here.

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    Am I right?
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    I don't watch any of those shows regularly.
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    I know Numbers is not popular, haven't heard anyone mention Big Bang theory, probably Mythbusters would be the popular one although not because they are right, people point out what they do wrong many times..
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    I've seen a few episodes of Big Bang Theory. Funny at times, but stereotyped.
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    It is a VERY stereotyped show. It perpetuates the all too common view of scientists as completely anti-social nerds. While we all have met someone like that, the majority of scientists do not fit into that stereotype. I sure don't, at least I don't think I do!:smile:
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    Never seen big bang. But if you think stereotypes of nerds wait till the British show 'The IT crowd' makes it over there!

    I think Mythbusters divides between the "Thank Dawkins - a show about scientific method" and the "but they didn't properly account or the second order effect of ..." crowds.
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    I just found out recently that only one of the mythbusters has a science background. I thought for sure Jaime would have some advanced engineering or physics degree, but no. He has a degree in Russian, and I think Literature.

    The only one with a science degree -- electrical engineering -- is Grant. Not surprised by this, and no, not because he's Asian. Because he seems the smartest, always does the math for the group, and always builds the robots. The others are basically builders, sculptors, artisan types. Blew me away when I learned that. Figured they were all of bunch of engineers or something. Still love the show, though.
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    I think that is evidence of how far science/engineering has fallen in modern life.
    If somebdy on a show was reading a book we wouldn't think, wow they must have an english lit degree.

    The show doesn't have a lot of advanced physics it has "if we want to measure X we should only change one thing at a time and see what effect it has" thinking. This shouldn't require a physics PhD

    I suspect there are a couple of researches who say - if you want to throw a catapult X m you are going to need Y force and Z tons of pickup truck and since it is in the USA a lot of safety advisors and lawyers!

    Exactly the types of people that fiddled around and invented the steam engine, motor cars and the aeroplane a 100years ago.
    I think they do have a lot of years practical experience in special effects.
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    Big Bang Theory?
    No way.

    That program makes fun of geeks and nerds every show. pokes fun at the physicists for being intelligent and not "plainfolks."

    I don't see how any of the Mythbusters should have gone to a university studying engineering or physics. The show has a very nice air of "looking for the truth" and explains science in a cool way, which is something many scientists can't do very well. Know what I mean?
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    What is all this about a big bang?
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    I watch Mythbusters all the time.

    I have never heard of Big Bang Theory (the show that is).

    I watch Numb3rs every week.
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    Mythbusters rocks. Numb3rs is pretty good too, although some of the stuff they've been throwing around in more recent episodes has started to border on Trek-like technobabble. I only wish I could throw together mathematical models and computer simulations in mere days like they do on the show.

    Anybody watch Smash Labs? Tries to follow a slightly more serious track than Mythbusters. After watching the first few episodes of it, I don't think I like it all that much.
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    I think the stereotypes in Big Bang Theory are the point of the show. Like the dork getting the hot chick.
    I havent seen Numbers yet, but I enjoy Mythbusters
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    I don't know if Numbers has improved, but it was awful when it first came out.

    Heh, from one of the threads on "Numbers"

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    No, Smash Labs is kinda dumb. Entertainment value is low, IMO.
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    Tv? I dont watch tv. (Though Ive seen a lot of mythbusters and I thought it was a good show just becuase its fun to see if myths are true or not.)

    I saw numbers one time, and it was horribly stupid. Ive never even heard of big bang theory.
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    Generally all the TV I watch is on the Science Channel.
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    I love Big Bang. It's hilarious.

    I don't care much about the stereotype. It's funny!
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