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I'm looking for this transistor

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    I need this transistor, but I have no more references than this number.

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    The 23 is a manufacturer code to identify the small part that was sold in huge quantities. It is not the part number. It would help if you could identify the physical size and profile. What circuit was it installed in and what brand, make and model equipment. When might the equipment have been manufactured? Can you find a published circuit diagram for the equipment?
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    Presumably you have found this transistor to be faulty? Bear in mind that it may have been destroyed because another component on the board became faulty, so even if you were to replace this 23 device, this may not make your board work again. In the worst case, the replacement transistor may likewise be destroyed.
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    All we really know here is that this is a 3 lead device. It could be any number of things. In fact, there are 3 lead devices out there that only utilize 2. Not sure why, but they do exist in that package form.
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