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Impact pressure (enough info?)

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    Hi, I need help solving this problem. On one hand, I think that there's not enough information to solve it, on the other hand, I think there has to be a way to cancel out all the information that's not provided, and do the problem with only what's given. But I can't come up with a way to solve it. Conservation of momentum has too many unknown variables.

    "Orbiting space junk hits a spacecraft at low-earth orbital speed of 25,000 mph. Estimate the impact pressure. Also, what will happen if the spacecraft's material's yeild strength is lower than this impact pressure?"

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    Given the use of the word 'estimate' in part one, I would guess that you're expected to use arbitrary values for your unknowns, based upon common sense.

    As for part two, well, no calculation is needed...
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    Yeah, that's what I ended up doing.
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