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Importing part of a PDF document into latex

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    hi, there is a figure that i want to include in my latex document. The figure is in someones thesis and i want to have just that one figure in my latex document but im not sure how to this. in power point i can just use the snap shop feature but how do i do it for latex where it requires a png, pdf etc format?
    obv i will reference the fig accordingly

    thanks :)
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    Can't you just lift that part of the file and save it as a pdf?

    (Oh, and you should ask permission to reproduce any figure from the copyright holder)
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    i do :)

    what you mean by "lift"? ive tried selecting it but that just saves the whole thing. ive also tried most things under tools - Select and Zoom but im getting no where :(

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    What operating system are you using? I'm only really used to apple nowadays, in which case you can use preview to copy into a new file and then save as pdf. On windows, I'm not sure how you can do this (though there must be a way).
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    look into pdfpages package
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