Increase current output of generator?

  1. Hello,

    The speed of wind generator and its voltage are constant. The power needs to be constant, so does the magnets. The clue is to increase the current generated, how it can be done without altering the voltage, geometry or the speed?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. I = P/V

    If power and voltage must remain constant, then the current cannot be increased.
  4. Sorryyy, power has to be increases!!! my mistake!
  5. You would have to increase the load provided you would not exceed the generator specifications.
  6. NascentOxygen

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    I'm thinking aloud here, rather than answering your question. :smile: If this is a synchronous generator, then I think increasing its field current will increase its power capability, while it continues to rotate at the same speed.
  7. Its a synchronous generator with permanenet magnets instead of field excitation. And magnets can't be increased in this case.
  8. NascentOxygen

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    Then I'd say you're out of luck!

    Unless you can extend the shaft and bolt a second generator onto the shaft? :approve:
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