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Independent of parameter

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    Show that the evaluation of the pullback of a constant 1-form [tex] k_{1}dx + k_{2}dy + k_{3}dz [/tex] over the directed line segment from [tex] \bold{r} [/tex] to [tex] \bold{s} [/tex] does not depend on which linear parameterization is chosen.

    So [tex] (x,y,z) = \bold{r} + t(\bold{s}-\bold{r}) [/tex]. Then what?
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    Ξ€hen, you observe that the coefficients of the 1-form are constant, and will remain so
    no matter what (x,y,z) you choose.

    Ps. Yeap, I am answering old questions.
    Got time on my hands and need to kill it... Is that so bad? :grumpy:
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