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Index of refraction - gas density formula

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    Could anyone please write the derivation (or forward me to the source of derivation) of the formula related these two properties.


    the first fomula in this article.

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    I think this is an empirical relation. Note the giveaway word "typical" in the first paragraph.
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    Let the relative permeability of the gas be ε_rel = 1 + χ, where χ is the susceptibility;
    χ=α*N/V=αρ, where α is the molecular polarizability, N is the number of molecules, V the volume, and ρ=N/V is the density.

    Then the index of refraction for a homogeneous, isotropic, non-magnetic dielectric such as a gas is:
    n = √ε_rel = √(1 + χ)≈1 + χ/2=1+αρ/2.

    Then let k = α/2ρ_0, where ρ_0 is the reference density of the gas - hence the given formula:
    n ≈ 1 + k(ρ/ρ_0).
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