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Induction motor

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    As a EE student, I studied Induction motors: three and single phase. I saw somewhere that Tesla's autos are using induction motors feeded by batteries. But ive never heard about DC induction motors.. I also heard that Tesla autos have torque constant for every speed, but thats also not how induction motors behave. Any Ideas? Thanks! IMG_9140.JPG
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    I would assume these vehicles use electronics to convert the battery's DC to an AC that can drive the AC motors. Possibly this inverter might produce 3 phase AC, with 3 phase motors being both light and powerful.
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    There is an inverter connected to the battery which converts dc into three phase ac.
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    Thats enlighting for the power supply question. How about the constant torque?
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    This rate of DC-AC conversions are mostly controlled with DSPs in every detail. Phase, frequency, current (even waveform can be changed , if one has some wicked ideas) as function of thrust and speed - you can do as you please as long as the hardware can endure it.
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    Guys, I understood both the Dc-Ac conversion process in order to feed the 3phases induction motor, and the idea of controling the parameters to keep the output torque constant. I thank you all for the attention and help. Its enough for me, for me, the topic may now be closed
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