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Inductoin coil help

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    ok, i recently acquired a 25mm spark gap induction coil. the input voltage is 6v dc. how can i know what the output voltage is? also, i wanna use this as a substitue in place of a nst to power a 6'' tesla coil. will it work? i mean the basic idea is ot the a high voltage input and the induction coil can do that.
    Please post back!! Thanks! :smile:
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    i'm also using an induction coil to carryout an experiment in studying behaviour of hydrogen in an electric field.but i don't know much abt induction coils....i guess in order to calculate the output you have to know the no: of turns in the primary and the secondary...to determine the output voltage....from E=V/d u can determine the field....
    am i correct?
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    No. Transformers, induction coils and Tesla coils are three different animals.
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    this graph gives a rough estimate of the output depending on the spark length

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