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Information about UK MSc?

  1. Jan 9, 2015 #1
    Hello, some help please

    I currently have taught MSc offers from:
    Edinburgh: theoretical physic MSc
    Durham: Particles, Strings and Cosmology MSc
    And from Australia: University of Melbourne: Master of Science – Physics (2 years)
    I find it hard to make a decision. I don’t have any research experience in my undergraduate years. I ‘m really interested in particle physics so I plan to do a PhD on it after my MSc. Could anyone help me?:
    -Edinburgh or Durham? They both have good particle theory groups and participate experiments at LHC. Any advice?
    -I prefer a one year program in the UK. The main reason I consider the 2-year program in Melbourne is because someone suggest a one year program won’t get me enough research experience to apply for a PhD in the UK but a 2-year program may be better. Is that really the case?
    -Is it really that difficult to apply for a PhD in those 1-year programs I mention above? What is essential in order to apply for it?
    Any information will be helpful, thanks!
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    A MSc in the UK should be sufficient to get a PhD in the UK. I don't know the Australian program, but it could have more coursework and the same length for research (similar to the German system then). You can get a German PhD position with a MSc from the UK as well.
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