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InfraRed Transmitter -> Receiver

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    Im working on a project and i would like know where i can find an ebook or site that could help me understand this technology. I will use an IR photodiode (Rx) and an IR emitter (Tx). the signal being sent will originate from a RS-232.

    So basically i have RS-232 <-> IR <-> RS-232, and so i need to understand the properties of this communication medium.
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    To understand the basic current transfer ratios of IR links, you can browse the application notes at the manufacturers of the IR emitter and detector components (I would start with HP and Motorola).

    To understand IR remote control subtleties, I'd start at wikipedia.org.

    Unless you are going to use 1mm fiber (or similar) to confine the IR signal, you are going to deal with the same SNR issues that IR remote controls have to deal with. And dealing with those issues will push you away from baseband IR coupling of the RS-232 signals, IMO.
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