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Integral question

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    say a ball falling through shampoo had a drag force of F=6.5v

    the differential equation for the objects motion is:


    to solve it, I get all of the v value on one side and integrate them:

    I know that integral[(6.5/m)(dt)] becomes 6.5t/m+c, but what will happen to the dv/v?
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    How about mg ?
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    ignoring the effects of gravity, sry
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    the indefinite integral of dx/x is ln|x|+C

    i guess if you are looking at this as a seperable differential equation you'd have

    |v|=e^(6t/m) * e^C
    if K = +,- e^C

    i don't know, is that what you were looking for?
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    [tex]\int \frac{1}{v}dv=ln |v|[/tex]
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