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Homework Help: Integrals using long division

  1. Feb 25, 2013 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

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    I've foiled this out to look like:


    I'm trying long division here but it's getting really ugly really fast. Should I foil this out in the first place or should I use a different approach?
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    I would try a different approach.

    Look at the denominator and see if it can be factored rather than multiplied together.
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    Why would you try long division? You are dividing something "smaller" into something "bigger". It is as if you are suggesting that to evaluate [itex]\frac{7}{584}[/itex] you divide 584 by 7.

    Have you considered using partial fractions to split the integral into two?
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    Definitely do partial fractions. The only time you do long division is when the degree on top is bigger than the bottom.
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    Or when the degrees are equal.
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