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I have IE 6, and when I go to type in URLs into my address bar, and I type in an 'h' say, then since I have Hotmail bookmarked, a little thing will appear below the address bar saying Also, if I have recently been to a site whose name starts with an h, then it will show up there until I clear my history and everything. But I've had some that have been there for years, e.g. when I type in 'e', a URL for a howstuffworks article on Game Cube comes up, and probably haven't gone to that site in 5 years. There are one or two URLs that do this. Any ideas as to why this happens?
Somewhere this history has been saved, maybe even on microsoft servers. That information then in turn feeds the autocomplete and suggestion search bar features. I would suggest moving to FireFox or Chrome.
Chrome wasn't an option in 2006, but I assume the OP has moved away from IE6 by now :D

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