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Intro; New Member - brerabbit

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    Hello all, I hope to meet you sometime. I am near Incline Village, Nevada so have a conservative bent on issues. Since I am new to this Forum, please bear with me while I climb the learning curve and sharpen my spell checker.

    thanx, brerabbit

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    Welcome to Physics Forums, brerabbit!

    I too am 68 and retired. I gain a lot from participating here on PF. Hope you do, too.

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    thanx bobbywhy:

    It is good to know that I am not the only senior here. Thank you for the conversation and welcome.

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    jim hardy

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    I and my neighbors are all retired guys living in NE Arkansas Ozarks.

    We call ourselves Ozark Cultural Society.
    Most mornings we get together over coffee to discuss pickup trucks, hunting and fishing, gun shows, and Fox News hemlines.

    old jim
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    Welcome Brer. Please forgive me if I don't bare with you. At our age, it's a bit out of style.
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    Welcome to PF!!

    Do you have a favorite fish??
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    This talk about fish and old age makes me think about ostracoderms. Relatives to hagfish.
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    hello jim,

    I fit right in with your clan but would in my afternoon nap.

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    hello borek,

    Thank you for the age distribution here at the PF. I figured that the 29's would rule. I expect to have an interesting time here at PF. Thanx for the welcome.

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    Thank you for the welcome. The bare misspelling was changed but was correct for some PF members if the PF Mentors approve.

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    And hear eye thought ewe were making a joke about the spell chequer.
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    Thank you for the welcome. ...Fish?? ....Well don't tell my wife that my favorite fish are a couple of MGD. The way I figure is that if I catch a fish, I have to clean it, freeze in Ice, put on a new hook and bait. At my age that is to much work, so we stop by the grocery store, buy a couple of fish and a MGD and she is thrilled with my buddies arduous fishing works.

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    Thanx for the welcome. ...BTW, my Spewwl Checker needs a refresh often. ..:biggrin:

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    This Ostracoderms ??? I think that a Trout is for me. ...:smile:


    Ostracoderms ("shell-skinned") are any of several groups of extinct, primitive, jawless fishes that were covered in an armor of bony plates. They belong to the taxon Ostracodermi, and their fossils are found in the Ordovician and Devonian Period strata of North America and Europe. They were often less than 30 cm (1 ft) long and were probably slow, bottom-dwelling animals.[1] Another innovation of ostracoderms was the use of gills not for feeding, but exclusively for respiration. Earlier chordates with gills used them for both respiration and feeding. Ostracoderms had separate pharyngeal gill pouches along the side of the head, which were permanently open with no protective operculum. Unlike invertebrates that use ciliated motion to move food, ostracoderms used their muscular pharynx to create a suction that pulled small and slow moving prey into their mouths.

    http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/14/Ostracoderm.jpg [Broken]

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    *smacks brerabbit with a big MGD fish*

    http://files.myopera.com/Chyren/files/fishSlap1a.gif [Broken]

    You're now officially a PF member. :biggrin:
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    Thanx for the welcome, i guess. This is how I see fishing. ....:cool:


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    If you catch any fish, you're not doing it right.
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