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Intro to Physics

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    Author: Dr. Donald Luttermoser of East Tennessee State University

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    Another Physics E-book:

    http://instruct.tri-c.edu/fgram/physics.htm [Broken]
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    A broad range of physics problems and notes.

    http://www.usna.edu/Users/physics/mungan/Scholarship/scholarship.html [Broken]
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    thanks for you great efforts
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    Thank you very much, friends

    Could you find a book where I can find itnro to physics for children with fine pictures and easy explanations of fundamental physics laws
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    ^Advanced Physics for you by Keith Johnson.
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    At the point after the Big Bang when matter "condensed out of" energy, might that in any way be thought of as a "phase transition"?
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    It is really helpful. Thanks a lot..
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    Wow I am so glad to have come across this site! Thank you to those in charge of maintaining this site as well as the people offering to help newcomers :-D
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