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Introductory explanation about dualities?

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    Someboy can give me an introductory explanation about dualities? I mean, what are, how works in theory and what physical sence do have it? I have to start some study about using dualities in linearized gravity, so i'll be very helped if you have too some basic literature at respect. Specifically i need a little bit (by now) about S-duality, but by now im a lego in those themes.
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    important correction

    Sorry, I've tried to say somebody in first line, for it was causing confussion about sexual procedence and that stopped somepeople to reply and help. Thanks.
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    Hi Rebel

    Please continue to be patient. There are many people who visit here from time to time who may be able to help you. I am not one of them.

    I too am interested in dualities, and have tried to absorb what I can about them in my general reading. Have you tried the various search engines? There are many sources of information out there. What have you tried before you came here?

    Maybe this will help?

    http://plato.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/webglimpse.cgi?ID=1&nonascii=on&maxfiles=50&maxlines=30&maxchars=10000&query=duality [Broken]

    Good hunting,

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    As Richard's link makes clear, the term duality can mean many things. It sounds like you are really interested in String dualities. Have you looked at

    http://www.superstringtheory.com/basics/basic6.html ?
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    Yes Kea, I have, and actually it is the more instructive (in the basic level) reading i've got. My problem is that I'm in a University in Mexico where books are a little bit older, enough at least to don't pay so much attention to he subject (most being unaware of developments in string theory even in 1990's decade ). Actually, I need generallity about this dualities, although are not limited nor where first indicated for string theory. Thank you.
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    isn't it something like...

    ...for every particle there exists an equal and opposite particle in alternate spatial dimensions

    personally I'd like to think we oscillate between two identical 3d universes at superluminal speed and that thought registers the change as movement...

    ...but it doesn't seem to resoante with some other stuff i think

    so basically i don't really know...

    ...does anybody really know ???
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    I think it is more like having an equivalence between two theories under a transformation, what gives the same equations under a given transformation (duality transformation). There are several kinds of duality, but have became of special interest and help in string theory; specially T-Duality arises cause the compactification of the extra dimensions, and permits relate the two type II and the two heterotic string theories, relating a change proporcional to the radio of compactification to the other theory.
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    Send me (via private email) your address and I will personally send you a couple of String theory textbooks.

    Kea :smile:
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