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Iron Age Coins in Jersey

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    Iron Age coins discovered in Jersey after 30-year search
    About 50,000 silver and bronze coins uncovered by men who spent decades exploring one field

    http://news.yahoo.com/video/world-15749633/iron-age-coins-worth-millions-unearthed-in-29812683.html [Broken]
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    It's kind of incredible to me that it still possible to make amazing finds like this from the Roman era, and particularly something that directly relates to the most famous Roman of all.

    I wonder how much buying power all these coins represent. How rich was the person or tribe whose coins these were?

    Something I find strange is that they were found in the soil which means that they were buried loose, or, in some wooden or cloth or leather container that has since rotted away. Suggesting that whoever buried them didn't expect them to have to be hidden for all that long.
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    A clarification- I, at least, was taken aback at the idea of iron age coins being found in "Jersey" because I, being a self-centered American, immediately assumed it meant the American state of "New Jersey", not the channel island "Jersey". Now that would have been news!
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