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Homework Help: Iron deficiency anemia

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    I came across this MCQ in my book, it says:

    Iron deficiency anemia......
    i) is of hypochromic, macrocytic type.
    ii) is commonly associated with chronic blood loss.
    iii) is common cause of anemia in infants below 1 year.
    iv) may increase the number of megaloblasts.
    v) is more common in males.

    I have to fill the spaces using one of the choices, but I think that both ii) and iii) are correct and related to the iron deficiency anemia.

    ii) is correct because there will be a deficiency in the iron in the body.

    iii) is correct ( in my opinion) because infants below 1 year are still fed on breast milk which may be poor in iron.

    So, is there a mistake in the question? or there is something am not aware of it?
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    I don't think the list made anything clearer for me. It's written that iron deficiency is due to poor diet and chronic/acute blood loss.

    So still answers ii) and iii) are correct, right?
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    In multiple choice questions, it is often the elimination of wrong choices that is important.
    You must study the specific definitions and terminology in order to identify the remaining question by elimination.

    ii) Might be correct, but what does “commonly” really mean?

    iii) Sounds good, but you need to look at the relative prevalence statistics.
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