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Ironic Baseball Names

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    I'm half (maybe only a quarter) watching the World Series...

    ...Tampa Bay has a pitcher named Balfour :rofl: ! That's as bad as a pitcher named Walker.
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    The Rays suck. One of their pitchers named Matt Garza, who's pitching in Game 3 has a dick nose. Balfour is an angry white dude that throws at people's heads. Joe Maddon, the manager looks like a child molester, and their fans are so ignorant of baseball that the LCD board needs to tell them when to get excited and to remind them of what team they should be rooting for.
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    Ok...a little mad still? Cyrus is good at riling people up...lol.
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    I'm fine. I'm just stating the facts.
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    Go Phils!
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    If the Phillies win this then there is sure to be a lot of water cooler talk on the subject. I hope someone will post the scores, the number of innings, and the strikeout zones here on PF so that I will be able to join in the conversation.
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    Why do you consider his race important?

    You have a lot of experience with child molesters, do you? What do they look like?

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    How come no one has ever put pressure on them to change their name? It seems to me having a cigar as nickname is pretty politically incorrect in today's anti-smoking climate.

    Do you think Bill Clinton is rooting for the Phillies?
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    It's the perfect name for the 'close but no cigar' team.
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    I don't. You're just assuming I did.

    You don't need to have experience with a child molester to know the Rays manager looks like one.
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    No, but I'm sure Monica is.
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