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Irregular mesh

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    As in the subject. I have created tri mesh on my solid and it is completly irregular. Does it have any impact on later results of the analysis? Can it be repaired somehow? I attached a picture in case you would like to see it. I am working with Marc MSC

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    Did you personally create this mesh, or did a meshing routine from Marc MSC create it?

    The bulk of the meshing appears to be fine. However, on the right hand side of the image, where the size of the triangles gets noticeably smaller, it's really hard to tell, but it looks like a bunch of skinny, dart-like triangles. This might give relatively inaccurate results.
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    I created it by a meshing routine from Marc. I used Automesh option for a case of Volumes.
    I was trying to transform STL model to solid and I managed to create the mesh inside the model.
    Do you think that meshing with use of Automesh -> volumes was a good way to achieve this?
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    It looks like the surface of a 3D mesh on a cylinder to me. The "small" triangles are part of the curved surface.

    So long as adjacent elements are about the same size as each other, and there are no elements with large angles (90 degrees or bigger) at a corner, there shouldn't be any problems. In fact an "irregular" mesh can be better than a "regular" mesh like squares or cubes divided up into triangles, because in that type of mesh there are many triangles with a 90 degree angles.

    FWIW very small angles (like 1 degree) can look strange, but they are harmless compared with large angles.
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    Thank you guys for help. I will inform you if I perform some analysis with this model.
    And yes AlephZero, you were right, that is a model of 3D cylinder.
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