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Is 11 dimensional space infinite?

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    Hey guys, I am a physics newbie that just gone done watching parallel universes. From what I understand M-theory predicts that our universe is a brane that all matter is attached to, and its floating in a 11 dimensional space. Is the 11 dimensional space infinite or finite? Also are the paralled universes that are believed by some to exist; literally parallel to our brane. Is it possible to determine which direction our brane is heading in the 11 dimensional space?
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    I am not an expert by any means on this subject but I would think that the answer depends on the definition of parallel. For example, I believe Euclid defined two lines to be parallel if they never intersect. If we can think of this in a similar way then it seems that as long at the two objects of interest do not intersect then they would be considered parallel. This seems to make intuitive sense in terms of branes I don't think one would want other universe crossing our own. That probably doesn't answer any questions but the definition of parallel in 11D is kinda interesting.

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