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Is inhaling Ozone safe?

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    Saw an Ozone generator in dad's office.It reminded me of an article which said that ozone is harmful when inhaled.
    Is it really harmful?
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    Yes, it's quite toxic, as it generates free radicals in the body -- reactive oxygen species which damage your cells.

    - Warren
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    It is. It damages the ability of cells to respirate. Severely damaged cells must find other energy sources.. chiefly their neighboring, still healthy cells. Ozone also makes cells more vulnerable to damage by free radicals.
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    I was going to ask a similar question:
    I heard that pure oxygen is harmful if it is the only gas a person is given to breathe. How far is this correct? If it is correct then what is the reason?
    Pardon my bad english.
    Abd. S.
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    If pure oxygen is inhaled for an extended period of time it irritates lunge tissue.

    However it doesn't get toxic until it partial-pressure get higher (sorry don't know the partial pressure, i'd have to look it up but i don't have the books here, just check a dive course manual)
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