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Is It Dangerous to Use 12v tranformer to give a 6v output?

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    I have a product that needs a 6v transformer. However all I have is a 12v output transformer. Can I use this? and is it dangerous?

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    Welcome to PF!

    Hi fialor ! Welcome to PF! :smile:
    Well, it won't hurt you. :smile:

    :cry: But it will hurt the product! :cry:
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    Many thanks Tiny-tim.
    I know that running a 6v output with a transformer meant to give out 12v is not ideal. But why is it not ideal - how does it hurt the product?
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    Hi fialor! :smile:

    You haven't said what the product is.

    But as a general rule:

    i] It'll invalidate the warranty.
    ii] It'll put double the current through every part of it, which may "burn something out", possibly beyond economic repair.
    iii] ok, maybe it won't do any harm … but the only way to find out is to try it … and then it'll be too late! :smile:
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    George Jones

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    It could be very dangerous.

    As tiny-tim has said, using 12V instead of 6V, can result in excessive heat. This excessive heat could ruin a part, or, if large enough, even start a fire. Or the excess voltage could change the operating characteristics of your product. Or nothing extraordinary might happen.

    I do not recommend this course of action unless you really know what your doing.
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    Thank you Tiny-tim and George Jones.
    Information was really helpful.
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