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Is it permissible to post questions using PDFs?

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    Texmaker can generate PDFs which one can copy and paste from, so it shouldn't be too difficult to quote from them.
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    Posts need to be written out, if you also want to attach a file of the written text or to add a graph or drawing for clarity, that's ok, but no file is ok as a substitute for writing out the actual post.
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    It would be a lot more work than simply hitting the forum's "quote" button:

    1. Download the PDF file and open it in a PDF-viewing software.
    2. Select the text you want to quote and copy it.
    3. Paste it into the forum's editing window.
    4. Add "quote" tags by hand to make it look like a quote.
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    Should it be easier for the person posting the question, or the many people who are volunteering their help in answering it?
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    Since I have never found it necessary to even consider posting a question via pdf, the rule has no impact on me. However, I am curious as to why the rule is in place. I understand it must be some benefit to the smooth operation of the forum, I am just curious as to what benefit that is. Would you elaborate, please.
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    which part of post #3 did you not understand?
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    In my experience members who post PDFs or pictures (that aren't for extra illustration purposes) are often just scanning their homework and trying to get us to do it. If you actually have to type it out you can at least show some understanding...hopefully
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    Per our guidelines the majority of the post must be typed out. You can upload the PDF as supplemental information.
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