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Is It Possible: Invisible Wire

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    Is it possible to make an invisible wire? Heres how It would work. You would have an electron gun shooting electrons and then you would have a wire carrying x amout of volts. Then you would put the wire into the electron flow. The electrons would then act as a wire and "transmit" the x amout of volts over a sertain distance. Would it work?
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    In a vacuum? Like a TV picture tube? If anyone remembers those...
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    no in air just regular atmosphere.
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    According to Lem many years ago there was a brilliant inventor who learned how to draw very thin wires. One day he draw wire so thin, that it didn't exist. That's how wireless telegraphy was invented.
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    When electrons fly through air, it's usually quite visible.
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    You might want to start with figuring out the mean free path of electrons in air. After you discover that, then you may want to rethink your original question again.

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