Is it possible to use air as a medium to display images?

  1. Yes holographs but not really

    So... I guess what I'm trying to get around is energy levels

    I will admit that my understanding is vague

    I believe I understand that certain gases are easier to excite (to give off light when going back down) like xenon but what about the general atmospher eg. oxygen, nitrogen

    I thought about using magnetic fields and then projecting an inverse image

    If a screen uses Red Green Blue then in theory couldn't I create a screen from the air using this principle ?

    I thought that if I could excite the air so that the air is ready to give off light, couldn't I control what light is given off by beaming a certain anti-light so if I wanted red, I would beam everything else but red 900nm or something

    I just wonder if holograms are not good if they need to lasers and special gases perhaps enclosed in a container or mirrors...
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  3. Interesting idea. In the aurorae borialis and australis the nitrogen and oxygen atoms in the air get excited by particles coming from the sun. They are guided to the polar regions by the Earth's magnetic field.
  4. Is that sort of event replicable without any crazy technology?

    I mean, marketable anyway

    The Earth's magnetic field isn't very strong right? What about the energy from the sun? The solar flares? Is that a lot? MeV's or something?
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  6. Isn't that using non-normal gas?

    That's a defined shape too

    No control

    It's like, screens are 2dimensional so the format of the holgram ought to follow a similar suite though I suppose you might as well take advantage of the extra dimension. Now pages can truly appear to be stacked.
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  7. What if you were to combine acoustics with projection? Might there be a way to compress the air using acoustics waves enough to reflect to scatter projected light?
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