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Is our universe actually contained within a black hole?

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    't Hooft states that information going into a black hole actually ends up at the event horizon of the black hole, increasing the surface area equal to the amount of information absorbed (conservation of matter and energy).
    Our entire universe is postulated to be a 3 dimensional space projected from a 2 dimensional space. Then;
    a) Could a black hole project its event horizon into its 3 dimensional confines?
    b)1 Could our universe be the contained within the volume a black hole?
    2 Could the expansion of our universe be due to our Universal Black Hole being in an active period?
    c) Could every black hole in our universe contain a 3 dimensional universe?
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    These are all speculative to the point of being nonsense as far as I've ever been able to tell, but not everyone agrees w/ me.
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    I keep encountering the notion that a universe can exist within a black hole, indeed that our universe might reside there. Most recently the TV show "What Happened Before The Big Bang on the Science Channel had an interview with Neil Turok of Cambridge making such a claim. The part that never seems to be addressed to my satisfaction is that the amount of energy available to create a universe within a black hole must be limited to the amount of energy/matter that the black hole has accumulated since it was a collapsed star. No?

    Estimates of the amount of energy (in all its forms) that comprises our universe is enormous, amounting to an estimated 100 billion galaxies with most if not all of these galaxies containing at least one super-massive black hole at their centers. And then that all of that energy/mass is still only 4% of the total when you account for dark matter/dark energy. So it is really difficult to imagine that our enormous universe exists within a black hole that is sufficiently massive to encompass it. Aren't there theoretical limits to how massive a black hole can become? Doesn't this kind of thinking just lead us down another infinite rabbit hole of ever larger parent universes that require explanation for their origins? I'm just asking what I might be missing here.
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    This stuff, like the previous post appears to be nothing but nonsense. The physics just doesn't work, as you suspect. Also, your statements about "the universe" are actually only about the OBSERVABLE universe. Estimates of the non-observable universe run to hundreds of orders of magnitude larger.

    EDIT: you don't generally see this kind of stuff anywhere but on TV shows or in popularizations where the goal is to make money, not to teach actual science.
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    Re: Why isn't the universe a big black hole?

    Mr. Susskind gives a lecture on youtube about this kind of thing, although he dismisses this question rather quickly.
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    Can you check if thats what Turok said? Turok's model for the early unvierse is higher dminesional branes colliding, I suspect maybe you are confusing it with Lee Smolin's cosmic natural selection model.
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    This paper is from 1994. Dark energy, wasn't even known back then. I'm dubious about their conculsions.
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    Re: Why isn't the universe a big black hole?

    We have a FAQ about this: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=506992 [Broken]
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