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Is the following correct about virtual particles

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    On yahoo I asked if "since virtual particles cone to existance out of nothing. Is it possible that anything else ( discovered or not yet discovered in any universe) would be able to do the same, besides other virtual particles "

    And I got this answer

    Is it correct?

    "No. Virtual particles are simply the result of quantum indeterminancy. It is not possible for empty space to have exactly zero energy, so virtual particles continually pop into existence, only to annihilate again a sliver of a second later. If they didn't annihilate, it would violate the conservation of energy."
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    True in general, but at a black hole boundary things may be a little different.
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    In what way may it be a little different
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    Stated very loosely, a virtual particle pair in the vicinity of a black hole horizon has the potential for one particle to remain trapped, while the other escapes and becomes "real". The black hole thereby radiates energy - hawking radiation.
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