Is the implementation of the NAND gate unique?

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I am learning about the implementations of digital logic gates using n-type and p-type transistors.

With the advent of these two transistors, isn't it possible to have more than one implementation of the NAND gate?
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I'm not sure I understand the basis for your question. Why did you think TTL might be unique and what does it matter?

There are lots of different technologies that can be, and have been, used to implement gating.

Diodes, a simple potential wall, switches, relays, complementary mos (CMOS), thermionic valves (tubes), special purpose transistors (ECL) with multiple emitters to name the most popular.
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The reason why I asked because I couldn't decipher why a particular textbook portrayed NAND and NOR gates with a specific implementation.

I wanted to make the distinction that this is only ONE way of implementing a particular gate. However, you just answered it: it is non-unique but the idea is the same.
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Don't forget that in TTL there are open collector and normal variants of most functions.

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