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Is there a definition of "hyperdimensional resonance"?

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    I was talking to a friend recently and he said something to me that i just didn't understand. He is a physicist and i most certainly am not. I was telling him about similarities that i had observed between two things and was not sure if it was a coincidence or if there was a tangible link between these two things. His response to me, i didn't quite understand. Bottom line is, I'm not sure if he was just fooling with me or if his statement had meaning. His response was one sentence:

    We'd call that an excellent example of "hyperdimensional resonance" .... :)




    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    The terms have meaning separately, but together, there is no mainstream physics phenomenon that would be described in those words. Some google searching reveals that there was a guy in the 1980s that sold a device called a "Hyperdimensional Resonator" that he purported to be a time-travel device. It's possible that your friend was joking around.
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    Yes, that seems to be the safe conclusion. I found very similar results with my web search. Thanks for your reply, its much appreciated.
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    I don't know of any phenomena by that name, so if he is a physicist maybe you misheard him or he mis-spoke?

    It's definitely possible for a system of more than 3 variables (ie more than 3-dimensions) to have resonant behavior, or he may have been referring to some kind of resonant behavior of a differential equation on a manifold, and in trying to describe something of these sorts he may have chosen his words poorly (we all do that sometimes).

    Or maybe he was just being tongue-in-cheek about an idea that sounded like woo and made up some nonsense words to criticize it as such, like if I sarcastically said that something was "clearly an example of irreducible complexity" or that one struggling with a computer problem ought to "download more RAM".

    Though, out of curiosity, I did a Google search of "hyperdimensional resonance" and found a few people offering "hyperdimensional resonators" for sale or instructions for how to build them, and they all look like woo and free energy sites.
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    @danrussotti, your physicist friend was pulling your leg...
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