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Ito-Doeblin Formula Question

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    Reading through a proof on why the higher order terms vanish and it makes this statement

    dW(t)dW(t) = dt

    where W(t) is a Brownian motion

    It is not obvious to me why this is the case, but the text seems to infer that it is because no further explanation is offered
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    It may have to do with [tex] W_t=\sqrt{t} B [/tex] where [tex] B[/tex] is N(0,1).
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    [itex]\delta W_t \sim N(0,t)[/itex]. It follows that [itex]E[(\delta W_t)^2]=\delta t[/itex] and [itex]E[|\delta W_t|^3]={\rm const}\times \delta t^{3/2}[/itex]. So third and higher powers of dW are smaller order than dt on average , and therefore vanish if you sum them over a partition and let dt->0.
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