Jackson & Q.E.D.

  1. Is Jackson's C. E. sufficient for the study of Q.E.D., or is their another book equal in stature on Q.E.D.?
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  3. Do you mean "can I learn Q.E.D from Jackson's Classical Electrodynamics"? If so, then the answer should be fairly clearly, "NO". Jackson's book is on the Classical theory, i.e. the 19th century version, and as such completely predates Quantum Theory. (Jackson does make reference to some 20th century Physics, but the book is about the classical theory.)

    QED is a Quantum Field Theory, and you need a lot more to learn that (like, a basic grounding in Quantum Mechanics).

    Please excuse me if I've misunderstood your question.
  4. Jackson's C.E. refers to Q.E.D. in some places, but needed an expert opinion to guide me. I think you're right...a QFT textbook is what I'm looking for. Thank you.
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    There are several threads about Q.F.T textbooks already. They are in this subforum so they are not hard to find :)
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