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Job Hunting

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    Hello every one,

    I have a Ph.D degree in Physics. spent one year on post doc studies. Have some teaching experiece. I am very confident about my teaching abilites. After couple of years break I am starting to apply for physics jobs. :biggrin:

    Currently I am working on the application for a job as an online Physics instructor. They will call me for a phone interview if they accept my application. My questions are,

    What qualities should an online Instructor have?
    Is there certain software that one need to be familiar?
    What are some online teaching tools that an online instructor should be familiar with?

    Sorry for all the questiosns. More questions to come. :tongue:


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    All very interesting...I hope that you are good at interpreting student's questions and concerns. I know for me as a student of physics its not always easy to convey what you do and don't understand.
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    You need good communication skills! :smile:

    They will train you for the software that you will be using. If you can navigate to this website and post, I am sure you're able to use whatever software they have.
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    Oh, another quality I just thought of that would be very helpful is patience. Sometimes students aren't going to get it the first or second time around. Creativity always helps to when trying to attack a problem from several views so the students can comprehend.
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    Thank You for your inputs. Keep them coming in..
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