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Job oportunities on europe and US

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    How's the situation for a phd on europe and US? Is it hard to find a job on industry or college?
    I live in Brazil, and I'm considering to do my phd on UK, but it seems that opportunities for a phd on europe are very scarce. Here on Brazil, a PHD(or doutor) can find a job very easily at any federal universities. Can we exchange some experience?
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    Whats the general unemployement in Brazil? In the US its just under 8% if I recall, which for us is considered very high. Still, I think it is lower than many other places.

    Getting a job at a university or college in the US is very tough. In industry its competitive as well, but if you get the right training and expertise you can probably get a career type job.

    So maybe a solution for the out of work PhDs here in the states is to learn portuguese and apply in Brazil? Do you have any americans or europeans in your university faculty?
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    Yes, as far as I know there are 1 professor from France on my university.
    Here, to apply for a job as a professor/researcher, we have to take a big test called "concurso público", the job is as federal as a FBI agent(federal policeman).
    How is the procedure to get into a university as a professor there?
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    In the UK almost all funding is for UK citizens and, because of legal requirements, EU citizens who have been resident in the UK for a period of years.

    As a Brazilian it will be very hard for you to get funding for a PhD in the UK unless your own government is willing to fund it.
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    This is -to some extent- true for students, but it is certainly not true once you e.g. start looking for post-doc postitions are applying for fundring from EPRSC yourself.
    In fact, EPSRC even has special grants for succesful researchers who want to move to the UK; although you would have to have years of experience and a very good track-record before you can apply for one of those.
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