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Physics Job prospects for a Physics BS

  1. Nov 4, 2017 #1
    Hello everybody i need some advices to choos my BS
    I live in Europe and our Applied Physics BS have these subject (all mandatory)

    I YEAR

    Real analysis - Mech
    Linear algebra - Mech Lab
    C programming - Chemistry


    Vector analysis - ElMag
    Termod & Lab - Circuit lab
    Comput Phys in C - Complex & Functional Analysis
    Relativ Mech


    Stat mech - Electronics & Signal
    Quantum mech - Solid state physics
    Genetics & Biol - Particle physics
    Optics & Op lab - Medical physics*

    *or Electronics 2 or Atmosph phys

    As "electives" i choosed
    Machine Learning & AI
    OOP in Java 9 (exams with real projects)

    Will this curriculum be interesting for someone outside academia?
    Thank you
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    I'm sorry for every error but i'm posting from my mobile and sometimes the keyboard hide the text window :wink:
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    "Europe" covers a broad swath. You're more likely to get useful answers if you specify what country you are studying in and what countries you would consider working in.
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    I was majoring in physics. I was told with a physics degree you can qualify for many different jobs in many different fields. Sure if you apply for some science type job you may qualify for it to apply but in applying you are going up against other applicants who actually specialized in that field. Which means sure you qualify but your chances of actually getting the job are basically nil.

    If you're majoring in physics it's either because you plan to get a PhD in order to do research, or you plan to get a master's in another field, or you plan to teach physics. That's really your only options. If those don't appeal to you, in my opinion, picking a more specific degree would be better.

    I went with health physics. Still the physics stuff I loved but applied to something with actual career prospects. Graduated and had a job in two months.
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