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Jogger Vs. The Oak Tree

  1. Jul 10, 2005 #1
    If a healthy but somewhat direction impaired individual (mass = 81.9 kg) is jogging through the woods and runs straight into a large oak tree at 4.7 m/s. Rebound speed is measured at 4.2 m/s in the opposite direction. If the time of contact with the tree is 46 milliseconds, what is the magnitude of the force that the tree exerts on the jogger?
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    What have you done? I suggest applying the acceleration definition ([itex] a = \frac{\Delta v}{\Delta t} [/itex]) directly into Newton's 2nd Law.
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    This is a simple application of an impulse. I = Force * time, and is also the change in momentum. Momentum is mass times velocity. Momentum before = 81.9 * 4.7 = 384.93. Momentum after=81.9*-4.2= -343.98. Impulse = 728.91 = force * time. Time=.46. 728.91=force * .46. Force is then equal to 1584.59 newtons.
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