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John Edwards a fake or the real deal?

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    He says he can speak to the.....DEAD! (scary music interlude).

    People in his audience bursts into tears as he receives the messages on his hit show Crossing Over.

    Now, now...don't get me wrong. I do believe in conscious survival after death, but is John Edwards the real deal, a man with an unusual gif, or a fake?
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    I'm afraid I have no evidence to back this up, but I just can't shake the hunch that this guy is more than just an ordinary fake. I think he is the necromancer's answer (which just happens to be a heck of a lot of fun to say) to "The Amazing Randi". I've seen his act, and whenever I look at him I get the feeling that he's going to keep stringing people along for just a few more years, and then anounce his own humbugery. I hope I'm wrong about that, cause this would be a bit more cruel than anything Randi ever did.
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    I am with you on this one. It would be a terribley cruel joke on his followers. And mabye, just mabye he is the real deal?

    I just don't want to be so quick to swallow the bait, thats all.
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    He is the real deal: a real, highly gifted, successful FRAUD.
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    Yeah, that cruel Randi, shining the light of truth on a bunch o con artists...shame on him!!

    All the TV psychics are frauds.
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    John Edwards is a real unusual man with the gift of a fake deal.
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    Check for the article by M. Shermer (about half-way down the page)...

    Quite the scam Mr. Edwards (Mr. E?) has going.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Here are my views as previously stated:
    See a previous debunking:

    And a related argument within the social sciences context:
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    Yeah, you see what I'm sayin'. Randi exposed the fakery of a bunch of frauds, who had it coming, and the gullability of a bunch of researchers, who may not have "deserved" it, but certainly needed it. Anyway, if you're going to engage in science of any sort, let alone parapsychology, you have to get used to being proven wrong alot.

    But if and when Edwards pops up and says "haha, fooled ya!", he's going to do real emotional injury to a lot of people. He has made grieving, vulnerable people think that they have made contact with their lost loved-ones. Finding out you were suckered into that is a lot more damaging than finding out your research technique lacks sufficiant rigor.
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    Well, I saw a video of this guy


    in action and he's way more impressive than John Edwards. The thing is, he says he's not psychic. Ya see! He just knows how to read people like a book and place suggestions in them subtely (but I have a keen eye and armed with skepticism). Which is impressive yet not beyond my beliefs. The human mind is, after all, very impressionable indeed. Social manipulation is one of my more fortean interests (ie being able to make people see things that aren't there for kicks).

    Anyways, I used to be into John Edwards. I thought 'oh wow, he's got psychic powers'. However, I have a little skeptic deep down in the cockles of my heart and it just told me to investigate him (no not his politican counter part :D). So, I did some research on the internet and it opened my mind. It told me he was a fraud because of 'this and that'. Anyways, I tuned into a show of his and looked for his fraudery. Well, I saw him dive to deep then back up and people bought it. Who says there is no such thing as mediocrity? I guess they are just seeking answers, I can't blame them at all for that.

    But, I 've heard of better emotive individuals. Like that British lady who claims she can understand what animals are feeling through some psychic power. She basically makes it look like she can talk to animals.

    I'm a spiritual person and I respect John Edward's abilities. Its always fun to watch him screw up. To the objective eye (bah, I don't have one of those) you can see him slip up and thats when I get a kick (thats why I'm not objective :p )

    My mother says he's just helping people and he's very emotive. Well, this is true. He does help people but whether or not the way he does it is acceptable or ethical is another question. I mean, people are responsible for what they do (ie believing this spiritual leader) and I don't know if he's commiting any crime. Its just, is he commiting something worse than crime and going against some deeply valued ethics? Like, not betraying peoples trust even though it isn't illegal to do so.

    That's what this thread should morph into being about. Anyways I know this is


    John Edwards:

    He's intelligent, observant and emotive

    He helps people reconcile their emotions

    He makes a profit off of it

    His followers:

    They're gullible

    Emotionally needy

    What it does:

    Helps people find comfort

    Lines Johnny boy's wallet


    Um, wait. Hold the phone! That sounds like a therapist. Rofl.
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  12. Oct 12, 2009 #11
    I bought a few of his books, and watched his show. I liked the themes and sincerity - how he tried to answer some of lifes hard questions with readings and answers from loved ones from the other side. Then I went to his website and checked out the price of his tickets for ONE person attending one show. $175! For two hours, and NO guaranteed reading. He's definitely NOT out to help the poor. Just do the math - multiply $175 by 5000 (his average sold out crowd) and then multiply that by about 50 (the approximate number of shows he might do in 2010 - he currently has 43 scheduled). Let's see, that's about $43,750,000! He's into this job for more than just the good feeling he gets from helping people, do ya think? Maybe he gives all of it except a million to the poor. I don't know, but I think I spent my money in the wrong place when I bought those books........
  13. Oct 13, 2009 #12
    I think this was debunked by South Park

    "The Biggest Douche in the Universe" episode
  14. Oct 14, 2009 #13
    Well said.
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  16. Oct 15, 2009 #15
    It seems like you could easily show that John was a fake by attending one of his shows and creating a "fake" dead family member. If he really has people planted in his audience (as some comments on other websites suggest) you could plant your own group throughout the audience and then have them drop information about the fake spirit. Have one or more of your members respond to his attempt to find a hit and lead him along. Then reveal that you just made it all up. I'm surprised it hasn't happened already - of course who wants to pay $175 just to prove he's a fake!
  17. Jan 15, 2010 #16
    That sounds good, doesn't it? The problem with it is that scammer's have an "answer" for everything when they are confronted with a mistake.

    Audience: Your lying! His grandfather is not dead. Your a fake!

    FraudPsychic: Listen, sometimes I get psychic impressions of the future, not the past.

    ......An example of an answer for everything.
  18. Jan 16, 2010 #17
    Don't know how they would come up with an answer to "there is no grandpa Joe. I just made him up!"
  19. Jan 16, 2010 #18
    Yeah, I hear you!
    So, as a FakePsychic, this might be a response:

    "I see. Sometimes when I listen to my spirit quides I get confused with the past, present, future. What they are telling me now is "You have no grandpa Joe now, but there will be one in the future."

    The Fake Psychic is always "right" no matter what you say.
  20. Nov 10, 2010 #19
    First of all before I say if I think he is real or not I must tell you that I used to live for many years in a haunted house so I KNOW that spirits are real whether they come from dead people or not I am not sure.
    With regards to John Edward, I really don't think that most of you who have commented below have actually watched his shows. He does not just give a letter for a name, he also gives the sound of the name and, as a mathematician, I can tell you that the chances of picking a very similar sounding name starting with the correct letter from a small area of the audience time and again is absolutely minute. Also to put people in the audience week after week would DEFINITELY be found out and spread all over the papers, so I think we can dismiss that as well. He also OFTEN tells people that the info. they are giving him is wrong and he gives them specific names and information that they have to go away and check up later. No other 'psychic does this.
    As for the great Randi. He debunks but strangely enough with for example Yuri Geller, Randi can NEVER actually duplicate any of Geller's 'tricks' the same way that he does it which is why Geller has offered him 100,000 dollars if he can actually do any of his 'tricks' the same way that Geller actually does.
    So, is John Edward the real thing? IF it is possible to contact the dead then he is the real thing. If not then he does not use any of the tricks mentioned below.
  21. Nov 12, 2010 #20

    Ivan Seeking

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