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News Just found out my SUV's been blackboxed!

  1. Sep 11, 2004 #1
    Just found out my SUV's been “blackboxed”!

    Soon it will record nothing but noise.


    Miss Zimmermann said she was driving within the posted 40 mph speed limit, but like millions of other Americans the 33-year-old didn't know that her vehicle had a "black box." Monitoring her driving, it recorded the last few seconds before the crash.
    Bolstered by data they say indicates Miss Zimmermann was driving well above the speed limit, prosecutors have charged the Beverly, Mass., woman with negligent vehicular homicide. She has pleaded not guilty and faces up to 2½ years in jail if convicted.
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  3. Sep 12, 2004 #2
    At some point, the black boxes will send a signal in real time to a police station. If you go above the speed limit (monitored by GPS satellites), you will get a ticket.
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    I think they're a great idea. But I also think people ought to be told about them, when they buy their cars.
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    I think it is kind of perverse to allow that more and more powerful, fast cars are brought on the market while more speed limits are introduced and controlled strictly. It becomes difficult NOt to drive to fast. You have to watch the meter constantly and give it too much attention. Personaly I would not mind that at ALL cars at least were limited in acceleration and topspeed. And I hope the time comes fast that techonology takes over and slows down your car automatically. "Sportcars" don't belong on the road, but on circuits.
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    It's not difficult to keep your foot light on the accelerator (I've owned cars that are much faster than what I could buy on the US market (with less than 100,000)). The lowering of speed limits IS perverse, atleast in my area because of the BS reasons for it. We recently took a 70mph section to 55mph for "pollution" reasons. Instead of hitting up the largest contributors of pollutions, there is now a 6 lane section(with two VERY wide shoulders on either side) of STRAIGHT, VERY new highway that extends between some small redneck cities and Houston. This area is now a haven for police officers. Does anyone really think this was for pollution and not for additional police revenue?? :rolleyes:

    I drive my sports car on the road and the circuit. It's enough to have this one car note,but you now think that I should have to be able to afford a road car and a race car? Perhaps a truck to trailer my race car as well? I love when others tell me what I should or shouldn't be able to spend my money on. The idea of limiting cars in acceleration (we'll leave top end alone for now as many new cars are not drag limited anyways) is ridiculous!
    What car do you drive? I'm sure I could find an arbitrary criteria that it should be banned. Too old? Get rid of that old polluting technology! Too big? Get rid of that too! Too fast? You aren' smart enough to drive it! Too small? It's too dangerous. Let's just all take the train!
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    Absolutely. And I think it should be LEGAL to disable them if you wish.
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    Wooh, I can't wait for that..... :uhh:
  9. Sep 12, 2004 #8
    Pass a law: Make the information in the box safe from discovery (if you are the owner of the car. This will still allow rental companies to do what they like with their information). Make the boxes legal to disable (they already are, keep it that way).
    Let car manufacturers put them in anything they wish. The information should be used for what it was designed - FOR DIAGNOSING THE PRODUCT of that company.
  10. Sep 12, 2004 #9
    For an enhanced effect, the black boxes will gather current information on the speed limit of the road (through GPS) and not only will it relay speeding information to the police department, but also it will do an automatic override of the car's engine, thus shutting it down so the police can determine the exact location of the speeder so they cannot escape the ticket.

    Isnt justice sweet? :tongue2:
  11. Sep 12, 2004 #10
    Guys, you drive on civilized roads, for the moment I drive in China... Believe me, if YOU did, you would also like them to have black boxes. For myself I would prefer a bulldozer or a tank.

    Then I agree that many speed limits seem set for enhancing police revenue, but suppose there is some reason for them , then I would like my car at least to warn me.

    BTW, in the compound I live, the speed limit is 5 KM /h. Now I drive very carefully inside, with all the kids etc..., but try THAT! Good thing that it's below radar detection limits :-)
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    I'm all for the black boxes, as long as they are only recording and transmitting what they're supposed to record and transmit. I find it ridiculous that almost everybody speeds, and the cops rarely pull anyone over that is doing so (and often themselves speed or even drive recklessly).

    If speed limits are set too low, then there should be some sort of intense lobbying effort to raise them, not this silly system of everybody deciding the "right" speed limit and the cops allowing it.
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    Yeah right, where I live there is often not any siting of living human beeaaans for hours and no homes or any sign of civilization for miles and miles.....I can see my auto being disabled for speeding and waiting days and weeks...for the cavalry to show up....
    Did I mention cell phones are useless here?
    That would never fly here and we disable our boxes for friday night entertainment. Just before we turn off the lights and roll up the sidewalks promptly at 6pm.
  14. Sep 12, 2004 #13
    Why is the system sillly if we don't go through the beaurocratic BS of changing speed limit signs?
    In Houston, we changed the signs all to 55mph. They overturned the ruling and put them back to 70mph. The end result?? $100,000 wasted in signs being changed ALONE, just because someone thinks the system is 'silly'.
    Cops get a free ride to pull over anyone they want (on Ih-10, a major drug artery, this is a valuable tool for them) and the rest of us get to coast along at whatever speed we deem safe (typically about 70mph anyways).
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    Geez, where do you live? Backwoods, Maine?
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    Yes, and I'll never go back to the rat race! Btw, I have to admit I did exagerate a little....we really don't have any sidewalks.
    A lot of people out here appreciate their privacy and we really don't take well to the government or corporate world delving into our business. If i bought it, it's mine and you don't have any right to be intruding on my privacy by placing a monitoring device on my vehicle, particularly without any probably cause or a judicial review.
  17. Sep 14, 2004 #16
    In California, speed limits cannot be reduced to a level if a certain percentage of vehicles already travel faster than that limit. They tried to lower the speed limit from 10mph to 5mph on a beach, but since a certain percentage of vehicles already traveled faster than 5mph, they couldn't.

    I think all vehicles should have regulators to limit top speed and acceleration... except MINE.
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