Khan Academy Videos: Math & Physics Lessons

In summary, Khan Academy is a great site that provides videos on a variety of math and science topics. The videos are easy to follow and can be helpful for anyone, regardless of their level of experience.
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I'm wondering if anyone else has came across this site, its covers a wide range of maths topics and some physics as well. The lessons are in a video format and are hosted on Youtube."
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Physics news on
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I have just looked at a couple of them.Good stuff.
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they are awesome
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I stumbled upon them as well. There were some really helpful video's. Difficulty ranges from easy (simple arithmetic) to, I'd say, quite advanced (differential equations etc).
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Khan is the best. I've been watching him for a year now... He's doing Biology, chemistry, finance, etc... He also made it on CNN by being known for his teaching ability on youtube
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Yes, this contains really helpful videos covering a variety of topics in math and sciences such as physics, chemistry and biology.
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I found the site earlier this year when doing a research paper on Genghis Khan. Khan Academy is definitely one of the best "tutoring" sites on the net and they are constantly updating the site with new lessons on an assortment of topics.
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Wow... Thank you very much for shearing this! :-)
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Great great stuff, highly recommended for everybody. This is how I learned calculus and I can effectively apply calculus to numerous problems now.
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Very, very nice. I've been looking for a resource like this forever.
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Oh that's great . very good stuff. i am going to pass it on to my friends .
i have never come across like this.
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Sorry to revive a twelve-day-old thread, but I want his to be brought up again.

Khan Academy is easily one of the best learning resources online. It is the reason I know about partial derivatives, gradients, and double integrals. I'm looking into differential equations now, and Salman Khan explains it in such a way that I immediately see what he says.

Definitely worth mentioning.
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This is where I learned calculus from last month. After a bit more practice, on to differential equations!
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Personally, this site was awesome for everything up to calculus. I mean, this site changed my life for the clarity of all of the math on it, but the calculus stuff just wasn't adequate.

I couldn't do related rates problems after watching these videos, I got very confused by limits & didn't realize how simple they were (in the calculus sense - although the epsilon-delta explanation is brilliant) and a few more issues.

If you want a comparison, watch some of the videos on this site & compare/contrast the level of difficulty.

Especially the related rates problem on this one, I mean it still scares me...

That said, I'll always tell people I really went to university @ KhanAcademy :p
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I found khanacademy to be pretty good for calculus. After a good amount of worksheets, I was able to do about 3/4 of the BC Calculus exam in my head(and I'm a very slow minded person) but I'm very disappointed that he didn't talk about differentiating or integrating parametric or polar equations, which are pretty big parts of them.

The link you gave is a very good resource for single variable calculus. I'm watching the video on polar coordinates and it's going to be fuuuun!
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I actually find related rates and optimization the toughest part of single-variable calculus.
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Those problems are insanely hard...

Until you realize the derivative is always with respect to time, (always resulting in an implicit differentiation)...

Most of the time you are using the Pythagorean theorem or something like the radius/volume.

That knowledge, to look for what is changing with time & what is the geometrical shape that is varying is really all you need, well that's all I've seen in single variable :redface:
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Great find! This site has 4 of my 6 courses in it! I am stoked, thanks!
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Yes. This website is very good!
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CNN is running a story about Khan and his academy. Great stuff indeed!
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Could you find a link? I'd really like to see that story...
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I give applause.

A well-written story about a fantastic man. Nothing wrong here.
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The amount of videos and knowledge is impressive. Economics, Physics, Mathmatics, Biology and Chemistry is an impressive repertoire. Great page and great man.
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Look, I'll be honest with you Salman Khan from Khan Academy is not bad. But you really get what you pay for - nothing comes free. He gets lots of advertising revenue which is how he sustains what he does. Most content Khan covers is freely available from Google, to be honest. The algebra, chemistry, biology, history, linear algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, economics, algebra, banking, statistics, physics, probability, finance, arithmetic, valuation, differentiation, geometry, bailouts, calculus, he covers is mostly your A-level (year 12) stuff.

That's cool - but if you want quality university-level gear, you really need something like iMasterClass by Waverly Labs ( ) - The Jeremy Shum Invent Company, there are also a few other titles out there, but this one is probably the best, because its actually used by celebrities in the real world who DONT attend university, and get their degrees by correspondence.

Like they say, you can only rise to the level of your professor. Just my two cents though, I'll be honest when my seventh grade daughter asks me about topics I'm not too sure I do send her to Khan.
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The videos of Salman Khan are not meant to be university-level videos that constitute a class in and of themselves, but are actually, I believe, supplements.
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This is good stuff. Thanks for sharing. Not that I need it or anything, but I can recommend this to the people I'm tutoring.
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very nice post.
i ahve accepted you post informations.
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What a coincidence. I go to Khan Academy for the first time in 3 months, then check my CP to find that someone has posted in the KAV thread! Wow.

Also, now that Sal has greatly expanded the Multivariable Calculus section, I'm ready for the college class. With his videos, I could pass anything.
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yeah it helped me through calculus with volumes
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Ivan Seeking said:
The Kahn Academy just won $2 million, from Google.

Bill Gates watches these videos with his kids. Kahn also won the 2009 Microsoft Education Award.

I have a tear in my eye watching this, I'm so glad he's successful and is expanding this
project while keeping it totally free. If it wasn't for Sal I would probably not see math the
way I do after a terrible schooling. I'm so glad and wish him all the best.
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Holy wow! I have been using Khan Academy for YEARS and he has helped me so much. And now seeing him with the $2mil, I'm so excited to see the improvements on his site. This is great news. Thanks for sharing!

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