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Killer App!

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    One of the best programs for anyone interested in orbital mechanics of space flight or anyone who just wants to simulate a shuttle or Apollo flight with a joystick. :smile:
    I found this a couple of days ago and have downloaded about 300MB of add-ons for it. It’s totally awesome and free! The basic download has several spacecraft to choose from, ISS, Shuttle Atlantis, 2 spacecraft from 2001: A Space Odyssey, and some other craft. Some add-ons are very realistic with replicated panels from Mercury, Gemini and Apollo rockets, but the basic stuff is awesome too. Learn about transfer orbits and try to achieve one yourself. Syncing orbits to other objects. Launch from the earth and try to land on the moon, or Mars, or a moon around Jupiter. Try to make a precise re-entry into the atmosphere to land at a particular spot. Grab satellites with the Shuttle arm. Dock with the ISS. There’s sooo much to do! Fun for months!

    Anyway, have fun! If you want sound you’ll have to find another add-on for it.
    What do you guys think?
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    That's a very cool program, but it's also pretty difficult. Spaceflight is HARD. Just getting the Shuttle into orbit is a challenge, let alone the correct one for rendezvous with the ISS.
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    Oh yeah, for sure it is very tough. But the navigational aids are a lifesaver!
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    Remember: In orbit, if you want to catch up with something, you need to slow down.

    I'll have to check out that app. I think someone mentioned it here before, but it was during finals week :grumpy:, so I didn't end up downloading it.
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